Human-Centric Leading – A Leadership Mindset to Humanize Your Workplace

Human-Centric Leading

Human-Centric Leading (HCL) is a way of thinking that brings out your best and helps you transform the people-related problems that block high-quality collaboration, creativity and innovation.  

This new mindset reminds you to see people as humans with emotional needs and unlimited potential, rather than replaceable titles, jobs, costs or cogs in a wheel. Doing so feels good and acts as an antidote to the problems created by seeing people as replaceable. As a result, you can co-create exponentially better outcomes when working with people. 

Why Haven't We Been Doing This All Along?

We Are Expected to Be Like Robots

Our workplaces mechanize us humans by treating us as replaceable costs, titles or cogs in a wheel. We must prove our worth as if we have no inherent value. Yet to lead effectively and transform the complex problems we face today, we need our entire selves.

Humanizing the workplace is as easy as seeing yourself and others as humans with emotional needs and unlimited potential, who strive to do our best.

We Are Expected to Ignore Emotions at Work

We are taught to "leave our emotions at the door," pretending that it is possible to do so. But one look at the reactivity, conflict, miscommunication, CJB (criticisms, judgements and blame) or emotional drama that plagues many workplaces, we can see that our emotions go everywhere we do.

Respecting our entire selves helps us to think clearly and solve problems without losing our humanity. No emotional drama necessary.

The Antidote to People-Problems is Human-Centric Leading

Reclaim Our Humanity in the Workplace

Human-Centric Leading (HCL) a mindset -- a way of being that respects your entire personhood. It is also a toolkit that equips you with ways to approach people-related problems in respectful and effective ways that brings out the best in everyone involved.

You Can Start Using HCL Right Away:

Use these questions to guide your discussions. You'll experience for yourself how HCL can help you with simple questions that generate really interesting solutions.

HCL Questions:

  1. How am I seeing this person I'm thinking about or talking wtih? As a title, job function or human with his/her own needs, talents and priorities?
  2. How is the context blocking or facilitating me and others?
  3. What do I need to feel resourceful and do my best in this situation? What do others need?
  4. If anything, what triggers my emotions and what can I do to respond deliberately to those triggers?
  5. What would a wise person do?

Our Programs include Toolkits Designed to Enrich Your Leadership Journey

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