Pressures affecting organizations

Long-standing challenges

Newer challenges

You can obsess with these numbers...

Organizations have optimized their financials and operating models to compete amidst the below indicators. Yet, they have not solved the root problems and need new skills to do so.

But the real story lies here...

There are new challenges that most leaders do not yet know how to deal with:

  • Digitization - not technology, the experience
  • Goal of purpose and meaning
  • Social media helps expose dirty laundry

These have disrupted the current coping mechanisms so badly that organizations adopt a new approach or fear extinction

Examples from the Market

Retail Stores:

Digitizing the retail store alone is not enough. What counts is the overall, seamless customer experience across multiple channels and touch points. This experience should be enriching and meaningful at every step of the journey. Spread the delights and reduce/combine the pain.

Government Services:

Governments that are mereley digitizing their services are still lagging behind. The governments that are creating seamless service delivery across multiple agencies are creating a better value, hence enticing individuals to live and invest in their cities/countries accordingly. Madeleine Albright sums it up: "People are talking to their governments on 21st century technology, governments listen through 20th century technology and provide 19th century responses."


Organizational leaders can no longer assume they can attract and retain the best candidates without offering enriching workplaces. Nowadays, employees make choices, too: they increasingly use organizations as stepping stones on their journeys toward finding the meaningful ventures and work environments they crave.


Social media gives a voice to the voiceless in ways that put leaders on the defensive. Even a four-star restaurant can no longer sit on its laurels as customers share unfiltered feedback and one negative experience -- when amplified by social media, can create public relations nightmares that cannot easily be hidden under the rug.

The solution is simple and does not disrupt your current business, yet the cost of waiting grows exponentially

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