We focus on the how of leading.

Our programs explore human-centric leading (HCL), which brings out the best in people, while accepting their worst — seeing people in their totality. It’s a integrative way of leading that transforms undesired experiences into enriching ones for the sake of learning, relating and co-designing empowering and sustainable outcomes. It puts people at the center of decision making and problem solving. It humanizes workplaces.

How’s HCL different?

HCL = reactive fight-or-flight emotions + learning from emotions + thinking + empowered behavior –> all that for great relationships + create problem solving + great outcomes.

While other leadership development approaches focus on new thinking, behavioral change or new goals, HCL speaks to the entire person. Our programs get into the real experiences of leading and working with others that tend to derail people (even if they’re not aware of it consciously). For instance, how to —

      • turn things around when you feel anxious or stuck
      • transform destructive conflict in any context
      • respond to emotional charge without getting destabilized
      • shift attention to the core issue when people blame, criticize or judge
      • inspire people to do their best

Current Offerings

At this time, we are proud to offer the following events and programs, customizing them to fit your specific local or global needs:

Human-Centric Leading Program

This popular program consistently earns rave reviews regardless of the ways we shake it up. It speaks to leaders across generations, genders and cultures and provides the first step in leading in a fundamentally new way that is universally effective across contexts.

The program is designed as a set of workshops to facilitate the immediate application of new tools for quick learning. It explores leadership in a provocative way, exploring the oft-ignored “back-office” aspects that include the assumptions, thoughts, feelings and physiological experiences that drive behavior and therefore, results. Participants learn to bring their reactive emotions up the brain, so to speak, to meet the cognitive mind for integrated responses that increase their credibility and influence.

We modify this program to fit 1-day, 3-day and 5-day variations. Feel free to contact us for a program outline.

Lead & Meet Events

These are popular 2.5-hour events that mix serious leadership development with socializing and fun!

Invite us to design customized Lead & Meets for your talent pool around learning themes you’d like to promote. Provide your staff with fun, monthly Thursday night events that keep everyone on their leadership toes while cross-connecting and building ties. Good for small and large audiences.

For past videos and current Lead & Meets open to the public, click here.

Download a poster here:

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Women’s Action Tanks

This is a 3-hour workshop that introduces human-centric leading and enlivens it with an interactive exercise. Women feel at home with this new leadership paradigm, as it humanizes leading and workplace environments by seeing people as people and tapping the beauty and use of cognitive, emotional and intuitive intelligences.

Invite us as part of your women’s leadership initiatives to inspire women to use innate leadership talents in a balanced masculine/feminine way.

Download our brochure here:

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