"We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking used to create them" -- Albert Einstein
Leaders for Good equips you with a completely new mindset

What We Do:

We help leaders solve team-related problems to accelerate and amplify collaboration and innovation. We help change-makers dilute resistance to new ideas.

To do that, we craft and curate experiential learning spaces where you learn new and sustainable ways to think, feel and act.

Your autonomy increases. You feel strong and free from habits that don’t work. You stay calm amidst emotionality, you are grounded in your vision. You face challenges with new-found energy and choose your way forward. You become a skilled sailor, navigating your sailboat amidst the wind.

We are bold. We are honest and judgement-free. We support and challenge you. We help you develop the mental and emotional muscles you need to sail in high winds in the oceans you choose.

We donate 10% of our earnings to organizations that tackle social challenges and espouse a generosity of spirit.

Learn about HCL:

Human-centric leading (HCL) is our magic. It’s a mindset and universal tool that works with humans across genders, cultures, generations or fields of study. HCL focuses your attention on what brings out the best in people, making it easier to resolve problems and facilitate how others collaborate, compete in healthy ways, innovate and sustainably solve small and grand problems.





Learn How Clients Use HCL:

Kristina Ellis, in Creative Advertising

Did you initially experience resistance when learning about HCL?

No resistance at all.

It seemed so natural. I learned that I didn’t have to struggle to be a leader. Everyone is so responsive to HCL because it’s easy and rational; why haven’t we been doing this all along?

What do you recommend to others about HCL?

Think about how you like to be led — what motivates you and assume others would like that, too. We’re all human, so it’s not alien to us to understand what others want.

Also, try one or two aspects of HCL and see what seems true for you and then branch out from there. The more you dabble in it and exercise the principles and see how effective they instantly are, the more you’ll see these principles are surfacing everywhere. Notice articles on leadership media and you’ll see this is where everyone is evolving to — so you’re part of the new way of leading and see why it’s so powerful.

Once you start to tap people’s human potential, you’re more appreciated as a leader and people want to give you more. You’re tapping into the potential of humanity instead of just getting a job out out of people. You’ll see your credibility and influence increase as a function of HCL and people are attracted to you and want to be with you, hire you, and you become more valuable within the current legacy industrial model, as HCL actually changes the current model for the better.

Jonathan Del Mundo, Humanizing Healthcare

Did you initially experience resistance when learning about HCL?

Yes. I thought that to get results, you have to be tough and being human shows weakness in a competitive world. No one wants to be weak in a competitive world. When we redefine strength using HCL, it’s easy to ascribe to because it’s strong to be human.

What do you recommend to others about HCL?

Get in touch with emotions because they’re the same for others. For instance, notice how it feels to be angry and then share your emotions without emotional charge — “I’m angry about…” in a calm way. This way, you’ll also know what it looks like to be angry and you’ll be able to empathize with others. When in touch with your emotions, then trace back to see what triggers them. Then you can use your logic to solve the problems. You can identify and acknowledge your emotions by being still and quiet and noticing what’s happening inside you, for instance asking yourself, “Why do I feel threatened?

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