Human-Centric Leading Toolkits

Human-Centric Leading Overview Toolkit

This Toolkit introduces the Human-Centric Leading model.

It summarizes the reasons behind the common people-related problems we each see and explains WHY those problems exist and persist. It also shares WHAT we can do about them, both as individuals and together, to promote positive change that helps us feel better and do better.

Why do we need Human-Centric Leading? Because the context that we live and work in mechanizes humans and humanizes machines. It creates unintended results such as unhappy workplaces, chronic stress, conflict and increased ecological disturbances that hurt the planet that we depend on.

What are the outcomes of using Human-Centric Leading? When we put human needs at the center of decisions, we feel more respected and psychologically safe. As a result, we no longer react to problems or slights in self-preservation mode. Instead we respond deliberately to both small and thorny issues. In doing so, we feel more resourceful and in control of our destiny. We increase the quality of our collaboration and problem-solving and also reduce unintended results. Further, we come to realize that we are part of Nature. From that mindset, we design ingenious solutions that both respect people and the planet AND produce healthy profits and other success measures.

The Overview Toolkit is the first of five within the Human-Centric Leading model. Each one is graphically designed to provide levity to serious topics and make the learning accessible to apply at home and work. 

Join us in the Human-Centric Leading Movement!

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The acronym used below, HCL = Human-Centric Leading

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