We Help You Humanize Your Workplace

Our Approach to Helping You Solve Unproductive Behaviors and Team Outcomes is to Humanize Your Workplace

The persistent problems that exist within organizations, which have existed for decades, are a function of the game being played. Some people in executive ranks play short-games where the goal is to win or beat competitors at all cost. Others who play a long-game lead people toward a purpose and play because their purpose fuels them. Who are the leaders you'd like to follow? Which workplaces are worth having?

We have spent 20 years working globally across strategy and operations within corporations and management consulting firms. We learned that (1) the same problems exist today without unique ideas to turn things around and (2) the same leadership and team-related problems exist across countries as diverse as China, Brazil, Poland and France.

In the last 10 years, we've been working with change-makers who know what they want and ready to affect change, even if they're not sure how. We know "what good looks like." We provide serious change-makers with the steps to take, the strategies and tools to affect transformational change that matters.

There is a way to balance people, planet and profit.

If You Observe Any of these Symptoms, We Can Help You Solve the Underlying Problems for Lasting Results:

  • Inefficiencies, work "do-overs," errors
  • Decreasing revenue
  • Sales teams who sell services that cannot be delivered profitably
  • Costly talent and/or customer complaints or turnover
  • People do "what's required" instead of being proactive
  • Leaders being surprised by changing workforce needs or market disruptors outside of their industries
  • "We've always done it this way" thinking or an aversion to calculated risk
  • Fire-fighting behavior with no time to solve core problems
  • Conflict, the use of CJB (criticism, judgment and blame), bully behavior, lack of diversity, increasing complaints to HR, resistance to change, pushback, silos, lack of cooperation and/or avoidance of accountability
  • Analysis paralysis, inconsistent performance, no learning from mistakes
  • Increasing healthcare costs
  • Weak or no succession planning

We Help You Create the Outcomes that Progress Your Agenda by Removing the Unwanted Symptoms Created within Industrialized Workplaces

We design our services to facilitate lasting change on two levels simultaneously:

  1. On the individual level -- to amplify your personal leadership impact 
  2. On the team level -- to equip you with strategies and tools that humanize your workplace -- so that everyone involved feels respected, cared for and free from obstacles to do their best work in support of clients and customers 

Our services include easy-access and customized ways to help you help yourself.

The outcome include the dilution of many seemingly-unrelated symptoms that results in high-quality productivity and collaboration that promotes proactivity and ingenuity.

We Provide Customized Services to Meet Your Specific Needs

  1. Assessment using the MindTime Thinking Styles survey
  2. Human-Centric Leading education and training to expand skills and/or solve individual and team-related challenges
  3. Strategy and Team Culture Design Consulting to create foundational structures that promote desired behaviors and outcomes
  4. Executive/Leadership Coaching to support new habit formation

Contact us for a discussion that that gives you an entirely new perspective on your challenges:

Eleni Pallas at 415 987 8592 and ep(at)leadersforgood.net

Shadi Abouzeid at 202 790 0054 and sa(at)leadersforgood.net