Human-Centric Leading is a Mindset

HCL is a mindset, a way of being that respects your entire personhood. It is also a toolkit that equips you with ways to approach people-related problems in respectful and effective ways that brings out the best in everyone involved.

The Human-Centric Leading Model is a copyright of Leaders for Good, LLC.

First: Choose Your Mindset

Nobody wakes up in the morning and decides to behave poorly or create a fuss at work. Yet, it is common to experience or witness all sorts of unresourceful behavior and results every day.

Choosing the mindset you want to use helps you be the person you intend to be, even amidst high stress and frustrating obstacles. You can start by questioning how you see people -- as titles or functions who should behave this or that way or fantastic humans whose reactive behavior reflects unmet needs.

You can create paradigm-level transformation with just one new way of seeing yourself and the other people with whom you interact. Doing so opens to us a myriad of new ways of being at work and solving the problems we face.

Second: Consider Context

When was the last time you thought about the ways that the workplace culture was affecting the quality of interaction or problem-solving?

It is easy to forget how the environment in which we live and work influences the ways we behave and the things we do.

Considering the context helps you get clear about external forces that affect interaction and outcomes. This helps you more accurately identify and solve the challenges without getting overwhelmed by the symptoms.

Third: Meet Needs

When was the last time you understood what people really needed behind their ineffective or seemingly outrageous behavior?

Meeting people's basic human needs helps you through the drama and generates progress and positive change.

Fourth: Question Emotions

To transform the emotional drama when it exists or happens at work, using emotions as data is an easy approach. It is an easy way to glean the information the emotions offer without getting into a therapy session. 

Fifth: Access Wisdom

Everyone wants to do their best in any given situation, yet is it common to experience and witness a wide range of reactive behavior and decision-making at work.

Accessing wisdom is easier than it sounds starting with one question: what would a wise person do?

This simple question shifts your entire mindset even amidst fast-paced and stressful environments.

Celebrate Being Human!

And remember that "I'm only human" is not an acceptable excuse for poor behavior and performance -- as if being human is "less than" a computer or machine.

Instead, let's use "I'm human!" to celebrate the greatness we can contribute and co-create together.

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