The Antidote to People-Related Problems is Humanizing the Workplace

Step #1: Check Your Mindset

Mindset: The journey toward humanizing the workplace starts with being aware that our Thinking Style dictates and explains our behavior and speaks to sources of tension and conflict.

HCL Overview: Human Centric Leading (HCL) introduces a paradigm shift that acts as an antidote to the common problems that have been persistent in teams for decades.

HCL Program: We take a deeper dive into solving common team challenges using the HCL approach to enable you to affect positive change that lasts as an individual and team.

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The First Step in Humanizing Your Workplace is Understanding Your Thinking Style and How it Affects Everything About You

Introduction to the Workshop

Welcome to the first step in humanizing your workplace – for the sake of better work experiences and more profound organizational results. 
Through the workshop, you identify the unique value you bring through your Thinking Style. This enables you to navigate people-related tension and create constructive conversations that work.
It is a simple, proven yet powerful tool to identify the underlying drivers behind what you and/or others do in face of challenges and opportunities. It explains the conflict and perplexing reasons behind team scuffles  that hinders high-quality work progress.
Let's transform our workplaces from tension to resilience to ingenuity for the sake of our work experiences, organizational health and Mother Nature.

Workshop Learning

The Thinking Styles Map

This map shows you how peoples’ thinking is linked to time. That helps you remember each type of thinking and informs you when each one is most useful on a project or initiative. Everyone can use each Thinking Style, yet each person is born with a natural preference. Knowing your preference helps you choose the best way to communicate across Thinking Styles and access their unique value, as well.

The Thinking Styles Wheel of Innovation

Deeper learning of the Thinking Styles shows how best to bring ideas into the mainstream – and how to avoid the most common mistake entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs make. The wheel of innovation (aka wheel of collaboration) shows you the order of Thinking Styles needed first, second and third in order to bring out your idea into the world to make the impact you intend.

The Workshop Includes...


Expert Guidance

Led by Eleni Pallas and Shadi Abouzeid advisors of leaders and change-makers who want to humanize their organizations for the sake of more enriching team cultures and more sustainable results. They've both worked globally and can steer you toward what works best in all things leadership, team culture and bringing innovative ideas across the chasm. 

Show-and-tell and experiential learning

We designed the workshop to show you the Thinking Styles map and then put you in situations where you can use them to see or solve challenges you face in your current situation. Group-wide Q&A gets interesting as people bring their insights and objections that creates lively peer-to-peer learning and lasting realizations from "aha" moments.

Interaction & Fun

The workshop is fun because it's live – and alive. We use polling, provocative questions and on-the-spot illustrations to make things dynamic. We show you how to predict your own needs and those of others, as well as the natural tension inherent in each Thinking Style – and of course, what to do about it. The fun really comes from the learning!

Take a Peek...

This Workshop is Right for You and/or Your Team if...

Want to Affect Positive Change

You want to create enriching collaboration through which people feel respected, encouraged and included – and you all get great things done.

Solve People-Related Tension

You seek getting better at transforming any drama (miscommunication, conflict, tension) that derails attention from the meaningful mission at hand.

Successfully Spread Good Ideas

You love to find better ways of doing things and put those new ideas into practice. You'd be happy to know how to deal with pushback, objections and resistance.

Meet Your Learning Guides

Eleni Pallas

A life-altering car accident in Siberia ended up propelling me into my current mission toward humanizing workplaces. After 20 years working on corporate strategy and business development teams, I now equip change-makers with ways to solve the team challenges that have persisted for decades. 

I hope you join us throughout your leadership journey.

Shadi Abouzeid

After 20 years of advising globally, private and public sectors on developing sound strategies and operating models I realized that we are all part of an industrialized model that only enables us to address symptoms rather than root causes.
I am dedicating my remaining time to spread the work on Human-Centric Leading so that we create a better world for next generations. Join us on this journey.


  • Quite interesting to see a few blind spots at work
    Sandi Motallebi
  • Very interesting model that offers me more applications in my work than I realized. Many thanks!
    Paul Jansen
  • It's interesting -in different stages of startup growth -you need different mixes of people. It's why VCs will typically come in and replace the founding team.
  • I'm glad to learn something new about myself or have a label that I can understand.
  • A huge part of communication is knowing your audience, so if you know their thinking style you can curate communication more effectively.
    Lauren Miller
  • Fit people to the right tasks.
  • It is a very valuable training everyone should take.
    Michele Stiger
  • Provided so much insight on why there sometimes conflict at work and home.
    Janetta Jordan
  • Thank you for the workshop. I learned a lot about other styles and how that effects the work I do.
    Joanna Andrade
  • Recognizing what each style brings to the table helps value diversity of thought, which will likely lead to the best outcomes.
  • Think through the types of meetings that we have and how to put the right people in the room for the right meeting.
    Karen Gehrts
  • It make teamwork and collaboration more understandable. Great for creating teams! Loved how you demonstrated "Tension" great point!!!!
    Labell Washington

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