The Antidote to People-Related Problems is Humanizing the Workplace

Step #2: Become a Human-Centric Leader

Mindset: The journey toward humanizing the workplace starts with being aware that our Thinking Style dictates and explains our behavior and speaks to sources of tension and conflict.

HCL Overview: Human Centric Leading (HCL) introduces a paradigm shift that acts as an antidote to the common problems that have been persistent in teams for decades.

HCL Program: We take a deeper dive into solving common team challenges using the HCL approach to enable you to affect positive change that lasts as an individual and team.

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Take the Second Step to Humanizing Your Workplace is Learning How Human-Centric Leading is an Antidote to Interpersonal Tension

The Course Introduction


Welcome to the journey toward reclaiming our humanity in the workplace.

We have designed a path that promotes transformation on individual and team levels. 

The first step that we recommend is understanding your specific Thinking Style and how to use it deliberately to amplify the value you bring. 

The second step is to name the workplace context and which problems it generates – that is followed by learning how Human-Centric Leading acts as an important antidote. We humans are naturally influenced by the contexts we’re in and our industrialized workplaces generate common people-related problems that many of us experience and see at work. In such contexts, it’s useful to show up in ways that amplify your own humanity and that of others, which results in more clear and collegial interactions and collaboration. A better work culture creates more focus on the work issues at hand and better outcomes that make you proud.

We are happy to take you through this second step through a workshop that’s supported by a beautifully-designed toolkit. Each helps you name the root causes of the common and persistent problems we see at work such as tension, distrust, conflict, top talent turnover, silos, low innovation, low engagement and accountability and the use of criticism, judgment and blame (CJB).

You’ll be amazed and how clear the workplace landscape becomes to you and which logical next steps you can take toward using Human-Centric Leading and humanizing your workplace. As a result, you become equipped to respond calmly and deliberately to the inevitable inter-personal tension that occurs between smart people and ways to amplify your impact.

Course Learning

  1. Introduction 
  2. Name the Devil & the Antidote: Which 3-4 factors make workplaces inhospitable to humans and therefore, create unwanted outcomes and consequences? Which 3-4 factors humanize workplaces without any disruption to goals?
  3. What Makes a Mindset? Learn how our mindsets are formed with thoughts, feelings and behavior. 
  4. Practice: How will applying the HCL Mindset to a team-related challenge create constructive opportunities? 
  5. Closing
    • Take-aways
    • One thing each person will commit to do
    • Next step in the journey - buy the toolkit to help your journey

The Course Includes...

Expert Guidance

Led by Eleni Pallas and Shadi Abouzeid, partners of Leaders for Good – advisors of leaders and change-makers who want to humanize the workplace for the sake of generating more learning-centric cultures and stay resilient in face of uncertainty and market disruptors. 

Show-and-tell and experiential learning

We designed the workshop to help you name the issues that undermine effectiveness at work, as well as those that would solve the problems at the root level so that you can affect lasting change. Who has time to deal with the same issues over and over without end?

The outcome is that you’ll be able to talk clearly about them and know which next steps are useful in affecting positive change.

Group-wide Q&A gets interesting as people bring their insights and objections that creates lively peer-to-peer learning and “aha” moments.

Interaction & Fun

The workshop is fun because it's live – and alive. Using polling and on-the-spot learning makes things dynamic and shows how HCL corrects the core lies behind industrialized workplaces that create dystopic workplaces not fun and interesting ones.

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This Course is Right for You and/or Your Team If...

You Want to Make Sense of What's Happening

You can sense things and see that so much of what you've known is changing fast at home and work. You can't yet put words to it and would be happy to be able to name what's happening so that you can decide which best action to take.

You Want a Better Way to Lead Yourself & Others

Instead of doing what you've been taught but doesn't work, learn a productive and sustainable way of doing things. If you're seeking for a way to leading yourself and/or others that reflects your unique value and creates trusting relationships and high-qualty work outcomes, you'll love HCL.

You Want to Be Part of the Human-Centric Movement

You learn about human-centered design and human-centered software development, but what about human-centric leading? If you want to stay abreast of the latest thinking, learn how HCL helps you succeed in today's industrialized world by responding in ways that reflect your humanity.

Meet Your Learning Guides

Eleni Pallas

A life-altering car accident in Siberia ended up propelling me into my current mission toward humanizing workplaces. After
20 years working on corporate strategy and business development teams, I now equip change-makers with ways to solve common and persistent team challenges.

I hope you join us to learn how to humanize your workplace in small and grand ways. You'll be amazed at what you can spark.

Shadi Abouzeid

After 20 years of advising private and public sector leaders globally on developing sound strategies and operating models, I realized that we are all part of an industrialized model that only enables us to address symptoms rather than root causes.
I am dedicating my remaining time to spread the word on Human-Centric Leading so that we create a better world for next generations. Join us on this journey.


  • Fun, challenging, thought-provoking, educational
  • Good, practical, motivating, approachable
  • Very professional, highly recommend to friends and colleagues
  • Very professional, highly recommend to friends and colleagues
  • I don't have full sentences, yet!  All I can see is every facet of life that can be transformed because of this toolkit. 
    A Kimball
  • It explains a lot. Now I don't need to blame myself or others - I'm free and can just focus on what I contribute without criticism, judgment or blame.
  • With that perspective, I can se that what I do doesn't put my self-worth at stake – it's just a decision.
  • The simple boldness of the visuals and language resonate with me. 

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