Our Executive Coaching Facilitates Lasting Change

Why Hire a Coach Now?

It's a new day.

We are living amidst an historical transformation within our organizations and societies:

  • from an industrial mindset that treats people as replaceable resources — or titles, jobs, functions
  • to a human-centric mindset that respects people as whole beings with emotional needs and unlimited potential — a mindset that puts people at the center of decisions

MOST of the problems that we humans face are created through the industrial mindset. When we are treated as if we're replaceable, we have defend ourselves against threats to our images and livelihoods and have to prove our worth through achievements and money. Reacting to mechanized practices at work, we can easily feel depleted, powerless and "not enough". Covid-19 exacerbates these existing problems making things more intense and complex.

To create change, it's essential to:

  1. acknowledge that we live in a world that sees people as replaceable titles or functions
  2. realize that we're not to blame, yet we do inadvertently use the industrial mindset
  3. us human-centric mindset to put people at the center of decisions and complement the value each of one of us brings

Coaching is an easy way to affect exponential change.

Schedule an introductory power session with me to get you inspired. 

Eleni Pallas

About me, Eleni Pallas, Executive Coach (PCC)

The client-coach relationship must "have chemistry" to succeed. You can read about me or other coaches, but it's what you feel with us that activates your coaching experience and outcomes. Choose a coach who energizes you, uses a judgment-free mindset, gives you new ways of seeing yourself and your challenges at hand, and keeps you accountable. 

Experience coaching with me: schedule an introductory "power coaching session". We'll both know immediately if we should work together. 

My focus is leadership. My coaching occurs within the structure of leadership development and any mental or emotional support I provide helps my clients more artfully lead themselves and/or others. This is especially important in times of change and uncertainty when new rules emerge. 

I love people and people-related problems. Nothing phases me. I help clients build the inner power reserves needed to feel calm and resourceful amidst uncertainty. My coaching style is no-nonsense and direct. I'm more interested in getting to the bottom of things than avoiding discomfort, yet also empathic. I know trauma and how life-altering events can shake our identities, but also be useful trampolines from which to bounce into new phases of life. I see and name the elephants in the room to speeds up problem-resolution and getting results that last. I put my full attention on you and think carefully about they best routes you can take toward your desired change that helps you transform the symptoms and root issues, at the same time.

Coaching is confidential. I do not mention to anyone my clients' names, yet I do earn most of my clients through referrals. All the coaching content is strictly confidential, even when my clients are married and each spouse knows the other spouse coaches with me. I am certified with the International Coach Federation at the PCC level (the second of three levels) and follow their code of ethics. You can learn more about my work experience and education here

I help change-makers respond (vs react) to problems that arise as they pursue their professional goals and come up against contextual challenges. Specific issues include:

  • increased stress from Covid-related uncertainties and problems
  • work-related challenges around leadership impact, team work quality, conflict or office/profession politics
  • recovery from professional mistakes, lost credibility, law suits, job losses or job quits
  • career derailment from illness or injuries that affect work/your profession
  • overwhelm, anxiety, frustration, depression, disgust or anger
  • stagnation, unhappiness or feeling powerless
  • addictions to external validation, people-pleasing or overwork

Everything you want is outside your comfort zone. As a result, it is natural to face all sorts of  challenges en route to your desired goals. I can help you achieve them more quickly and easily:

  • joie de vivre 
  • job promotions
  • new partnerships or multi-stakeholder collaboration
  • new work-related initiatives 
  • more life/work balance

Through coaching, you will feel energized and encouraged. You will feel proud of yourself and aware of the thought/feeling/behavior patterns that drive you. Knowing those patterns helps you decide how to change and which patterns support your intentions and goals. (When any of us have problems, they tend to be a result of conflicting thoughts or beliefs).

You learn how to see yourself in a new way – a way that highlights your strengths and redefines your "weaknesses" as actual super powers. Super powers are perspectives and skills that are useful in the world even if labeled badly in certain contexts such as "being a rebel" or "controlling." When relabeled and redirected, such energy becomes powerful attributes that fuel the specific value you bring to people and projects/activities.

You learn to become comfortable with uncertainty and increasingly skilled at leading change. That includes knowing how to prevent and artfully transform conflict.

You feel a new sense of self, more at peace, more grounded in your inherent value and more resourceful to meet life's and work's challenges with elegance, mastery and grace.

How Does Coaching Help?

Coaching is a dynamic and energizing process that helps you design the life and leadership impact you want. Working with a coach is increasingly common across organizations and seen as a prestigious relationship that amplifies your joie de vivre and success.

Affecting change can be slow. A masterful coach accelerates the process so that you feel energized and consistently progress toward your goals.

Coaching helps you:

  1. achieve your intended goals with more speed, creativity and ease
  2. identify limiting beliefs and triggers so you can respond in ways that actually amplify your intentions
  3. feel confident, empowered and in control across the various situations you find yourself
  4. affect change at work for your team or organization


I work with people who want change now. They either have problems they want to solve or results they want to create. The operative word is now – the urgency to get relief from intense emotions or lead new projects/initiatives. If you don't need a solution now, you're better off with another coach.

My clients tend to be outwardly successful who want more inward fulfillment. They want to feel calmer, stronger and more in control as they pursue and achieve goals that demand higher levels of creativity and performance from themselves.They want to feel happy and find solutions to overwhelm, boredom, frustration or other potent emotions. They actively pursue ways to deepen their fulfillment and expand their leadership impact.

Most of my clients are in high-stress professions that affect the well-being of other people such as:

  • Change-agents in organizations or social activists
  • Physicians, surgeons, Chief Wellness Officers
  • Nurses, Chief Nursing Officers
  • Lawyers
  • Organizational leaders, executives

The people who benefit the most from coaching with me are those who:

  • Are ambitious
  • Ready to do what's needed to attain the change they want
  • Invest in themselves – their learning and development as a person, not only a professional
  • Have a problem or situation they want to solve now OR have an opportunity they want to pursue now – urgency is a key to coaching success with me

Coaching is not Therapy

Coaching is a dynamic and energizing process that helps you design the life and leadership impact you want. Working with a coach is increasingly common across organizations and seen as a prestigious relationship that amplifies your success and joie de vivre.

Coaching can be confused with therapy because it includes the discussion of emotions and deep-rooted beliefs that affect your behavior and results now. Each one has their place – they are both useful yet the approaches and results are very different.

Coaching: No therapy. No stigma. No analysis of your youth. No blaming your parents. No judgment. Pure inquiry. Using the Socratic Method with insightful and probing questions, we close the gap between what you have and want. 

  • no stigma – in fact, executive coaching is prestigious
  • assumes you're healthy and capable
  • accepted as a constructive tool by organizational leaders
  • works with clear goals
  • provides structure and includes measures and timelines
  • based on a partnership between coach and client
  • energizes you and gives you a new way of seeing yourself and dealing with triggers
  • acknowledges that inner gremlins surface when you're pursuing stretch goals 
  • deals with the present for a better present and future
  • confidential
  • paid by client or employer
  • has stigma for people in many professions
  • assumes you have a problem defined within the DMS-5
  • revolves around a diagnosis
  • based on a hierarchical relationship between therapist and patient (which creates an imbalance of power that the coaching context corrects)
  • analyzes your emotions
  • unknown measures or timelines
  • deals with the past for a better present and future
  • confidential
  • paid by client or health insurance

If you're unfamiliar with coaching or considering hiring me as a coach, contact me for an energizing "power coaching session"