Who We Are

Leaders for Good is a purpose-driven leadership development and work culture design firm based in Washington, DC.

We are creative thinkers with global experience in consulting and executive/team coaching.

Our purpose is to help change-makers and teams respond successfully to market changes and disruptions through human-centric workplaces.

We value honesty, transparency, partnership and transformation.

Our Story

During 30 years of global work, we have repeatedly seen projects fail during the implementation phase because people were not aligned with the new processes or directives. We decided to create a next-generation design firm.

We define a next-generation design firm as one that integrates traditional strategic and operational activities with learning and coaching around mindsets. With deliberate mindsets, people access expanded awareness that shifts their go-to habits, especially in face of emotional drama, to unleash the creativity and collaboration essential to design innovative and sustainable strategies and operational models. We define emotional drama as chronic stress, frustration, anxiety, reactive decision making, destructive conflict, chronic stress, chronic miscommunication, generations values gaps and an overuse of criticism, judgement and blame (CJB).

Our experience proves that most individual, team and organizational problems result from unintended emotional drama. The more that leaders and teams release emotional drama, the more their team cultures are healthy and highly-functional, generating better talent retention, higher-quality communication, collaboration and engagement.

We are on a journey to help make workplaces creative, fun, engaging and speedy as a competitive advantage in a fast-paced world mired in uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity. 

Join us to free yourself and your team in ways you may have not thought possible.