What if Everything Was for Your Best?


We all use frames to live and lead, so the more inspiring the frames, the more fun and fulfilling a life you live.

What if you used the frame: Everything that happens is for my best?

To do so, you’d have to see yourself as POWERFUL vs a VICTIM.


How about seeing a layoff as something positive?

    • A chance to notice what you think being laid off means about you
    • Time to ask yourself “what am I living for?” and “what do I want to live for?”
    • Time to rest, reflect and recalibrate
    • A feeling of being free to choose your next step
    • Time to wonder what compelled you to create the life you had until that time, in case you’d like to make some major or minor changes

How about seeing someone’s negative comments about your work as something positive?

    • A chance to notice how you respond to people’s comments – reactive? defensive? open? neutral?
    • An opportunity to see if you believe what people say as “true” vs “their truth”
    • Time to notice what you feel and later, ask your feelings what they’re telling you
    • An opportunity to listen to any nuggets of useful insight and drop the rest
    • A chance to practice listening with a detached, yet open perspective

How about dealing with a “difficult person” was something positive?

    • A chance to learn that people aren’t “difficult,” rather, they aren’t conforming to specific rules
    • A time to learn what you think about people who you deem “difficult”
    • A chance to wonder what’s so bad, if anything, about dealing with a “difficult” person
    • A chance to see whether or not you have labels for people who don’t behave in ways you expect
    • An opportunity to notice what you feel about yourself when faced with someone you deem “difficult”

How about seeing an illness as something positive?

    • Time to assess your stress level, health habits and adopt new ones that support you
    • An opportunity to learn about epigenetics and how your biography affects your biology
    • Time to learn about health as a delicate balance vs an absence of illness
    • A chance to assess your life in terms of energy: does your life/work drain you or energize you?

How about seeing a broken love relationship as something positive?

    • Time to see if you’ve been expecting your partner to fill your own needs?
    • A chance to assess how you contributed to the relationship
    • Some space to reflect upon your definition of or expectations of love
    • An opportunity to be on your own to see how that feels

Seeing everything that comes into your life as a blessing and opportunity to learn about yourself is a powerful perspective. It helps you learn about your choices, as well as the reactions, thoughts, feelings and the interpretations you make. It shows you how you respond to the external world and with this awareness, you can choose to behave differently.

The more you observe yourself and your life, from a detached view such as being on the Acropolis, the more you can lead from a powerful inner vista in the service of developing into your continually-expanding highest self.

[Image from Freepik]