The US Election and Human-Centric Leading

The US Election And Human Centric Leading

Many of us are anxious about our future as Trump has been elected into office. Yet, it is the perfect time to rise up as a human-centric leader, someone who leads with respect and dignity toward all people, regardless of differences.

This is a real-life case study through which our intentions, determination, skills and our highest potential are tested to the maximum.

The US election result is yet another nail in the coffin of the outgoing legacy industrial model (LIM) — propelling us further into the emerging model. Drastic shifts like this will continue to occur in the US and abroad, until we move entirely into a new model (which could take decades). While moving toward an emerging model, there are zigzags of backward/forward movement; it’s not a clean linear process. The people who benefit most from the old system (in money and feelings of certainty) will continue to focus their energy on keeping the old system alive and even become belligerent in doing so. Many have completely aligned their self-identities with the proof of their worth with visible achievements, grasping for more external power. From fear, they become increasingly aggressive when faced with change or “not being in control,” as their certainty and significance are rattled too much to bear. We must empathize with this experience of fear and (subconscious) feelings of powerlessness, while also move beyond it.

In this momentous time, will we collapse into fear and reactivity, hating people who voted for the “other” candidate — or will we lead from our inner power to influence how things move forward? 

Whether we realize it or not, we are each co-creating the new model that’s emerging with every one of our thoughts, feelings and behavior. We are a country of millions. Trump is one person — a symbol of change, voted into office by people who felt/feel frustrated, discouraged, cheated, forgotten. Some people say the elections were so rigged we wouldn’t know who voted for whom, yet we have Trump in front of us. Apparently, he’s already building his team of people rooted in the old system — lobbyists, corporatists, so if that’s true, he’s ready to betray those who voted for him; we’ll soon see. In all cases, this time in history is an enormous and life-changing invitation to all of us to step up, stand up even stronger, unite in peace. Instead of fighting for what’s right, as fighting begets fighting (keeping us in a street fight), rather we can ask peacefully for what we want — with a loud sound of unison. We can lead together when each of us takes small steps with others. Instead of becoming paralyzed or reactive with anger, frustration, sorrow and defeat, we can design our own environments — our lives, our teams, our families in ways that inspire us to participate powerfully in this time of change.

We can transform our fears from reaction to propel us into wise action. 

We can model respectful behavior, be vocal about what we want and focus on what’s needed to get things done in ways that benefit everyone. We can support activists primed to amplify our voices and join them in speaking out — without CJB (criticisms, judgement, blame)! We can get jobs with the new administration to provide the balance that we see fit.

We can choose the ways we think, feel and behave.


How might we each stay calm in order to respond amidst a fast-acting Trump who is doing what we fear is wrong?

  • Check our thoughts: what are we thinking, assuming, believing? Are we assuming the worst? Are we assuming that Trump is all-powerful and that we’re powerless? How can we empower ourselves and amplify our voices?
  • Use emotions as data and breath deeply: we must express our emotions so they inform us of what’s needed to feel better and do what’s best. We can no longer push down emotions with distrust and skepticism. We can take a few deep breaths when we notice ourselves getting anxious. Are we respecting our emotions and gleaning information or getting overwhelmed by them and reacting? Are we expressing our emotions in healthy ways (exercise, journaling, meditation, yoga, music, nature walks, etc.) or caught in a victim mentality? Are we noticing other’s emotions for clues as to what they need?
  • Stay at the Acropolis: rather than engage in street fights over who is “right” and “wrong” — we can each ask ourselves what a wise person would do.
  • Unite: we can respect everyone and invite collaboration around innovative solutions. This will be especially easy if Trump betrays his voters. We, together, ARE the change our country and world needs — we can inspire our elected officials into visionary action.
  • Drop CJB – we can only influence and inspire when we drop CJB (criticisms, judgement and blame) — and focus our energy on being accountable for our triads  (thoughts, feelings, behavior) and respecting others’ perspectives.
  • Use resourceful vocabulary: terms such as bigot, racist, misogynist, redneck, war-monger, ignorant, shameful, Trumpland — these create feelings of fear, separation and powerlessness. Terms such as solidarity, activism, collaboration, innovation, leadership, peace, diversity, transformation and inner power bring us together and reinforce a feeling of calm excitement for what we can do to create a positive future.
  • In essence, let’s always check our triads (thoughts, feelings, behavior) and ensure we’re in a resourceful state of being — and take action from there.

It’s not the situation or circumstance that matters, it’s how we respond.


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