The Brain and Human-Centric Leading

Mind The Bump   Mindfulness And How The Brain Works   YouTube

This video below explains how the brain works through a lens of mindfulness. It touches upon the brain’s conscious and subconscious components and talks about whats to bring CHOICE to our thoughts, feelings and behavior. With choice, we feel more in control and confident about what we’re doing.

Human-centric leading (HCL) affects our brains by focusing on what brings out the best in people. What is that? It’s meeting our basic human needs — love/connection, significance, certainty, growth and contribution. While the current dominant subconscious assumption is to see people as cogs in a wheel (which brings out our worst), HCL sees people as people with goals, dreams, talents, skills, experiences as well as fears, concerns and emotional triggers. When we see ourselves and others as conscious beings who constantly change (vs objects or machines that must be perfectly consistent or considered worthless), we find new ways to interact, solve problems and create great opportunities. This is one reason that HCL is leadership design, because through it, we’re designing our brains to empower a humanistic way of leading.

The more we train our brains to see people as good, the more good we see and the more good we bring out in ourselves and others. This is one way HCL trains our brains.