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Re-Boot Your Team’s Definition of Success

Do you want to re-boot your team with a clear and compelling definition of success? Rebooting around success can be done …

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The Bad Apple Theory’s Been Debunked, But Leaders Still Use It

The bad apple theory is prevalent in today’s business mindset demonstrated by the demotions, layoffs and firings that occur in organizations …


Do You Take Things Personally or Transpersonally?

Take things personally? Here’s a quick test. Do you experience some or all of these? feel anxious of being blamed feel …

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Questions for Frequent Feedback

It’s useful to have a set of powerful questions that stimulate interesting conversations at work that promote clarity and understanding. …

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Disrupt the Status Quo of Problems

This is a repost from Linked In’s Pulse: Have you heard the term cog in a wheel? Have you heard the …

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Are Your Batteries Charged?

It’s really common to feel tired, exhausted and maybe, burned out and it seems that most of us think that …

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