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How to Avoid Being Used

The question comes up when talking about leading in a human way — how do I avoid being used? Define “Being …

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Exercises on Transforming Blame

This blog is about transforming blame to nurture healthy and effective teams. It also includes exercises to facilitate how grounded you feel …

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Do you Promote Truth-Telling or Lying?

Everyone claims to tell the truth, yet many people often don’t. Psychologists/theorists have come with different reasons: people exaggerate to make themselves …

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Full Belly Leading

To be the most effective and inspiring leader possible, you can come to the table “full.” This means that you’re …

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Leadership is…

Being the person you can respect. Treating others with respect. Doing something you can respect. [Image from Freepik]


Performing Well or Working at Your Best?

There seems to be confusion about the distinction between doing one’s best and succeeding within an organizational setting. They’re not …

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