If you want more, I have a few more years of feedback documents to get through… It think they all say approximately the same thing

These quotes are from anonymous feedback forms from participants ranging from 30-60 years old who work as entrepreneurs or in SF and Silicon Valley companies. They range from engineers, lawyers, doctors, nurses, recruiters, accountants, journalists, designers at a wide range of middle and upper executive levels.

Quotes for LfG Site

Eleni is warm, welcoming, supportive, kind, while also bold and confronting

Awesome – very knowledge and engaging. Great business experience & approach to teaching

Fun, challenging, thought-provoking, educational

Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful — learned a ton of immediately applicable info & long-term lessons

Eleni is inspiring and engaging. Her passion for human-centric leading is apparent and infectious

This is the best investment I have ever made in improving myself and my career

Eleni is one of the best instructors I have encountered in my entire educational career. She cares about student’s learning and is dynamic, flexible and knowledgeable

Eleni has a huge depth of knowledge and a lot of experience

Eleni has a great command of the course content. She provided material that’s extremely thorough and well-compiled, well-thought-out. She made the subject matter extremely relatable and engaging.

Practical, motivating, approachable

Very professional, highly recommend to friends and colleagues

Course is very interactive and makes you think about leading in different ways

Eleni is a passionate and unorthodox teacher as the subject is not only about leading, but also how to be a better person. Lots of food for thought.

Very motivating, thought-provoking and all-around warm person

The discussions and exercises had a huge impact on my leadership at work


Kind, engaging, supportive, empowering, inclusive, smart, well-read, experienced, interesting

Eleni is extremely engaging and responsive, making the learning process fun and invigorating. She also was very effective at creating a community of learning amongst the course participants.

Eleni is really passionate about leading. Outstanding, thought-provoking course.

Eleni is terrific. She knows her stuff, loves what she does and cares about the students in the class

Very transformative course. I enjoyed Eleni’s teaching style. Also appreciated hearing other people’s experiences and working through questions and situations

Eleni brought amazing energy, passion and insight to the class

Eleni brings an admirable, spectacular energy and practical knowledge to the course. She is a natural coach, instructor and leader

She made me realize that I am “leadership material” and I can lead without needing to demean people

She encourages you to think and reflect about what you do as a leader

Eleni provided wonderful feedback and perspective on leading. Her creative and engaging approached helped greatly in learning and applying skills immediately to my workplace. Very effective.

Amazing course. Eleni is approachable and patiently explains and clears doubts

She challenged my assumptions and won me over to a different way of thinking, feeling and acting

Eleni makes you see the commonality of many situations and structures and also see another way that present a way forward. This class supported my suspicion that things don’t have to be as they are. It allows me to give myself permission to change how I’ve done things in the past that really weren’t working for me or others or my organization

Eleni’s classes are very interesting and involved everyone’s participation

Eleni’s teaching style and examples are awesome

Eleni really challenged us. She kept me engaged and asked great questions and facilitated growth in everyone.

Eleni is open, charismatic, knowledge. She creates an energetic, collaborative environment where we not only learn from her experiences, but from the experiences of others in the course

She uses interesting case studies, books, articles, TED talks and in-class exercises that enhanced the learning experience.

She is a good speaker and effective in engaging class participation