Programs for Organizations

We focus on the how of leading.

Through our provocative and interactive programs, you’ll learn how to lead without needing anything from the external world. This develops your inner power that frees you to contribute your best without burning energy on worrying about what people think or whether or not you’re IQ is high enough…!

We work with leaders — like you — who understand that a fundamentally new way of leading is needed amidst today’s political, economic and social systems collapse. Our programs help you examine core-level assumptions and release pent-up emotions to access the energy needed to focus on exciting initiatives instead of interpersonal scuffles or conflict. You learn to stay calm amidst chaos, design resilient teams and lead successfully across contexts.

Our programs are fun and engaging to facilitate maximum learning and integration. At this time, we offer the following courses and customize them to fit your team’s specific needs.

Human-Centric Leading Course

This popular course consistently earn rave reviews regardless of the ways we shake it up. It speaks to leaders across generations, genders and cultures and provides the first step in leading in a fundamentally new way that is universally applicable and effective across contexts.

The program is designed as a set of workshops to facilitate the immediate use of new paradigms and skills for quick learning. It starts with a view toward leading across cultures and contexts, inviting leaders to step into a new level of adaptability and ease with ambiguity within a globalized economy. It then moves into an inner view through which leaders in-source the responsibility of their thoughts, feelings and actions, learning how this boosts their confidence levels and their ability to affect positive change. The program continues with ways to lead others, exploring the common team symptoms as miscommunication, conflict, low engagement and creativity rates, coming out the other end with strategies that curate co-creative teams that nurture peoples’ natural motivation and need to grow and contribute. The program closes with the exploration of ways in which existing organizational cultures affect leadership productivity and strategies for navigating various workplace complexities.

The program uses the world’s only activities-based leadership assessment that opens up a dialogue around the participant’s existing challenges that block their highest effectiveness. An example of the assessment report can be found here, which is complimented by an in-depth debrief that explores the leader’s specific skills, challenges, motivations, team-orientation and willingness to take necessary productive action. A grid can be prepared for a team, as well, which outlines any agreement or disagreement around the activities needed to complete a specific project. The assessment is used as a diagnostic tool and a way to chart progress over time.

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Lead & Meet Events

Lead & Meets are light, 3-hour events that mix serious leadership development with socializing and fun. They are held in chic San Francisco lounges or open corporate spaces, curated to provide leaders with time to learn and network, amidst busy schedules. Each L&M is different so as to maximize learning and fun. Participants leave the events completely energized and impassioned to try new tips in bring out the best in themselves and others.

Women’s Action Tank

This workshop introduces new leadership paradigm that taps into the natural strengths of women leaders, with the intent of freeing up time and energy to get to the fun part of creating value. An innovative and engaging event where we:

    • Discuss the new leadership model: human-centric leading
    • Interact with an exercise
    • Debrief to integrate learning and highlight outcomes

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