Need Creativity in your Team?

unleash-creativityI’ve been thinking about creativity and innovation a lot in the past months. I recently completed Tina Seelig’s creativity course through Stanford’s Venture Labs and know starting a stack of design thinking books to see what the authors have to say.

En route to my expansive perspective on creativity, I attended a dream interpretation workshop by Robert Moss. While neuroscientists focus on brain activity during sleep dreaming, Robert focuses on the meaning of waking and sleep dreaming activity. He seems comfortable living between worlds, as he describes it, using his own creative forces while partnering with other people through transpersonal experiences and with the Universe through synchronistic events.

One of the games he taught us seemed easily transported to the business world. It can be a fun way to tap into a team’s different perspectives of an issue at hand, without limiting the creativity process through inhibition. While this game seems similar to brainstorming, it decreases the possibility of sifting the flow of creativity for the sake of avoiding rejection.

I’ve renamed the game and call it, Lightening Creativity Game, and modified it slightly to make an easy entry into the organizational context. The intent is to keep it short and tap into everyone’s intuitive intelligence and creative flow.

The game goes like this:

1) Share your story with others on the team. What is the problem you’d like to solve or opportunity you’d like to create? Share your description rather than interpretation.

2) Allow for essential questions, such as:
– what are the current constraints or opportunities?
– what is your ideal outcome in the future?
– what do you want to know?

3) Allow each game participant to share their perspective. They can start this way: “If this were my problem (or opportunity), I would ____” OR “If we could do this ______, we could have this ______.” Allow each participant to say everything that comes to their minds, without inhibition.

4) Take action. Use the input to DO something new, such as experiment or take a decision. There is no time like the present.

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