Lead from your Mind or Heart — Is it Either Or?


Leading can be easy or difficult — it depends on the conscious and subconscious rules you use. The same goes with giving and decision making. Notice the distinctions and observe which strategies you tend to use.

To lead from the Mind, you:
–  have plans, goals and expectations
–  take care of practical needs to communicate and get things done
–  fear rejection and disappointment
–  worry about what people will think
–  are happy only when your expectations are met

To lead from the Heart, you:
–  respond to intuition
–  respond to your basic human needs to inspire, give, share
–  fear nothing, because you focus on giving
–  worry about nothing, because you don’t need anything
–  are happy by your act, regardless of the outcome

Try each strategy and see how you feel and what types of outcomes get. Do you feel like you have to use either or? What would happen if your mind and heart agree?

Leading from the heart, using the mind to ensure all the practical aspects of leading are intact makes for congruent leading.

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