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Do You Notice These Problems?leaders for good, Eleni Pallas

    • You deal with a lot of criticism, judgements and blame at work
    • You hire fantastic individuals, who work LESS effectively on teams — as if your team is less than the sum of its parts
    • You lead a team that’s gotten big from fast growth, but turnover affects work quality and innovation
    • You want to be a deliberate leader, yet notice yourself reacting and being defensive, affecting your credibility and influence
    • Your boss or Board of Directors notices your team inefficiencies and points them out, prompting you to look for solutions asap
    • Staff escalate problems to you when you’d rather they solve them without you
    • You feel like you have to watch your staff — if you don’t, things won’t get done well or on time

There is a better way.

We help you generate change with just a few tweaks in your own thinking and a few changes in your team’s/organization’s culture. It need not be a large initiative — the right small changes make a world of difference.

If you want a team that’s GREATER than the sum of its parts, we can help. YOU get to further shine; we work in the background.

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How Our Services Are Different

    1. We are clear about your intended results and measure progress
    2. We focus on the how of leading — we equip you and your team, with the tools and habits essential to generate consistently better results within your specific work context
    3. We customize everything we do for you while keeping things simple, effective and affordable
    4. We design around your busy schedules

Where else can you find simple, effective and affordable solutions to your team-related problems with lasting change? Contact us.

Peek Into Our Process

We have experimented broadly and have found a fantastic mix that generates the excellent results we expect from ourselves. We:

    • Apply neuroscience findings that help optimize your awareness and learning integration and retention
    • Use provocative cycles of dialogue, exercises and debriefs that create deep understanding and immediate applicability of new awareness and skills
    • Foster the trust needed to evoke transformation, while maintaining confidentiality and when needed, anonymity
    • Create metrics that measure individual, organizational and social impact

Our process includes questioning key assumptions made about humans, which increases the quality of the resulting behavior and outcomes. That’s a game-changer. Shifts in those assumptions create lasting results because it touches peoples’ humanity, not solely their intellectual capacity to affect change. We simultaneously work with thoughts, feelings and behavior, which increases efficiency and effectiveness in getting past old habits and adopting more productive ones:

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We even uproot leaders’ and team members’ worst fears about team interaction or specific initiatives, which subconsciously drag good decision making and productivity — without upsetting anyone or creating overwhelm:

Version 3

Letting go of fears lighten everyone’s load, leaving more room for increased effectiveness and creativity.






Benefits From Working With Us

By working with us, you and your staff access:

    1. The most efficient ways of changing the thought-feeling-behavioral patterns that keep people in unhelpful habits that repeatedly create unwanted results
    2. A simple, ambassador-style approach to affecting change to avoid the need for top-down initiatives that require a lot of management
    3. Tools and strategies to reinforce new skills and avoid sliding back into old habits
    4. Customized plans and measures for their own development
    5. Increased self-confidence, competency, adaptability and rejuvenation
    6. Expert practitioners, with global work experience, to provide guidance and answer on-the-spot questions
    7. Ongoing coaching support, as needed