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If you want to expand your team’s skills or turn a problem around, we are delighted to be an innovative and reliable resource for you.

Our services are carefully designed to provide open, bold and challenging spaces where your leaders and teams can let their guards down and learn how to transform problems for good, without getting overwhelmed or destabilized. That leaves lots of time and energy to pursue opportunities that create value for everyone involved.

How We’re Different

We customize everything we do for you. To keep things easy, effective and cost-efficient, we use expertly-designed programs based on years of global experience and modify them to meet your specific needs.

Our workshops fill a gap in the market — we focus on the how of leading. We provide unique learning environments – from a few hours to a few days – to facilitate new insights and skills that your employees can bring to work the next day. Where else can you find resources that help your staff make profound change that sticks?


Hire us to provide compelling benefits to further engage and retain your best people.

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Through decades of global experience, we know how to scope for efficiency without betraying quality, depth of work or a personal touch. We focus on the three most powerful levers that generate the greatest benefits:

    • Resilience: the emotional mastery essential to respond vs react to people, situations and problems, especially under pressure
    • Conflict transformation: the ability to shift disruptive conflict to constructive conflict to optimize diversity, learning and innovation
    • Team culture: provide simple, powerful tools that help you design and nurture empowering team/organizational environments

The byproducts of these focus areas are calm responses to challenging situations, engagement, effective collaboration and innovation.

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