How do you see people?

being_gentleAs you assess yourself, please remember to stay in judgement-free awareness. If you criticize or blame yourself for being this way or that, you might quite well be seeing yourself as a cog in a wheel that must be perfect and/or prove your worth with visible acheivements.

Note: We’re all in this together! In most countries around the world, we are socialized to see ourselves and others as cogs in a wheel — yet we don’t realize it. This happens through the education system, where we are taught through reward and punishment to be a certain way. We learn what’s “good” and “bad” and always try to be good, even when that undermines our true selves. Through repetition, the learning goes to subconscious mind and stays there until it’s consciously questioned. In the HCL Academy, we learn to question the subconscious assumptions, which is not a common thing to do, yet it helps us make profound changes rather quickly. With those changes, we feel empowered and know exactly what to do in a specific moment.

Which column describes you most closely at this moment in your life? You may be somewhere in between:

Cog in wheel_people