HCL Deep Dive

This is a detailed exploration of human-centric leading (HCL). You can read a summary here.

HCL is a tool, as well as a model that is universally applicable. Distilled by Leaders for Good (LfG) founder Eleni Pallas, HCL works at the assumption level about what it means to be human. It uproots a mechanistic perspective of the human experience that is embedded into the subconscious mind through repetition at school, permeating our societies globally.

How HCL Was Developed
How We Are Socialized to See People as Cogs in a Wheel
Cog in a Wheel Mentality Creates Results Nobody Wants
A New Leadership Paradigm Solves Workplace Challenges
How Does HCL Work?
Further Examples of How HCL Solves Problems at the Root Level