HCL Spiral


To create an upward spiral of people who know how to handle challenging leadership and team situations without getting destabilized or overwhelmed. HCL Spiral is a community of people who deliberately lead in ways that solve problems, all while bringing the best out of people. We meet throughout the year to support and challenge each other’s growth and contribution.


To practice new skills in an interactive and experiential ways. I see opportunities for significant improvement in emotional resilience that results in:

      • staying calm and grounded regardless of the situation
      • making decisions without reacting to the “loudest” person(s) or “most obvious” set of information; knowing that everyone is “right” and probing to get a full picture, even when stressed or pressured for time
      • feeling resourceful and confident to speak your truth, in the moment, to share your perspective even when there’s push-back, for the goal of full self-expression and contribution to personal, family, team and societal change


Philanthropy model: donate what you want with the intention of supporting the entire community. Minimum amounts are recommended at each gathering or activity.


IMG_4926We’ve started with a small group of people we know and will grow from there. At the same time, we want to be inclusive, so we invite you to attend our next TBD in 2017 — register here

If you cannot attend or want to join from another city, please subscribe below. We will keep you informed of what’s been happening and how you can join future in-person and/or virtual activities: