Welcome to LfG Events & Activities!

Throughout the year, I host client-only and open-to-the-public courses, workshops and events that respond to leader’s needs. They’re designed to provide an open, energizing and judgement-free space where you can let your guard down and learn at a deep level. They’re all experiential and interactive so you integrate new learning quickly. They’re also practical so that you can immediately use the new skills in any organizational environment — hierarchical/directive, matrix, holocracy and others. I design all the tools to equip you with the thought-feeling-behavior formulas you need to stay deliberate as a leader and team player, rather than automatically reacting to what happens in the external world. With these formulas, you feel calm, in-control and clear in any situation.

You’re busy and want world-class skills to keep you employable, so all of the LfG activities take that into account and offer you cutting-edge tools that are universal and therefore, applicable in any context.

Check out the current offerings, all of which are customizable for your team or organizational needs. Feel free to contact me for details:

How Leaders Use Emotions as Data
An in-person, one-day experiential workshop to learn how to use emotions as data. The goal is learn how to use emotions to solve team problems quickly and effectively, while nurturing a fun, adaptive and high-functioning team culture. Contact me to sponsor a workshop at your company.


Applying the Science of Great Teams
An in-person, one-day experiential workshop for leaders and team players at all organizational levels. The goal is to learn how to use the latest science to design and cultivate great teams that generate increased collaboration and productivity. Contact me to sponsor a workshop at your company.


Practice Labs
A virtual series of 6 workshops on human-centric leading for the Alumni of the UC Berkeley leadership course. The goal is to practice responding to your specific work-related challenges in deliberate ways for more fulfilling and effective outcomes. Registration closed for this series.



Free Time for Q&A
A virtual, monthly free time (4pm-5pm EST) to chat with Eleni about (1) your company needs and opportunities, (2) your individual leadership or team challenges, (3) LfG workshops and programs or (4) human-centric leading. Register here.











Ask me about workshops already designed for (1) women leaders and (2) leaders in high-tech and healthcare.