Client Success Stories

Case Study 1

Client: profit organization (85K employees)

Sector: food

Problems: team cohesion, creative problem solving, clarity of team vision

Process: 2-day workshop

Outcomes: clarity of vision and goals verified by their VP; new rules for team interaction (to solve side conversations, gossip); clarity around each person’s role and their importance on the team, which resulted in better problem-solving and team cohesion

Case Study 2

Client: not-for-profit organization (2.5K employees)

Sector: education

Problems: low team morale, tension, frequent sick days, miscommunication, unhappy clients

Process: 6 months of team coaching; periodic 3-hour workshops

Outcomes: team equanimity, respect, new ways of collaborating around constant change and client demands.As a result of our work, they instituted monthly team meetings to nurture new team culture; new boundaries to ensure that they’re meeting their responsibilities without stretching to meet any client demand; reinforcement with workshops to sharpen skills and respond when old habits creep in, reduced stress, improved communication skills

Case Study 3

Client: not-for-profit organization (200 employees)

Sector: healthcare

Problems: team conflict, low morale, frequent sick days, law suit

Process: 6 months of individual and team coaching

Outcomes: important reduction of anger and stress; respect each person’s position, values, contributions to positive outcomes and conflict; new interpretations of problems; increased  transparency in communication; reduction in individual stress to counter illness; remain a more positive team who were ready to tackle the team culture of the entire health center

Case Study 4

Client: a team within a 2,500-person not-for-profit organization

Sector: education

Problems: cross-generational conflict, low morale, law suits

Process: 6 months of individual and team coaching

Outcomes: improved morale; high quality communication; collaboration around problems; monthly ongoing monthly meetings that nurture positive morale

Case Study 5

Client: a social entrepreneur

Sector: poverty alleviation

Problem: how to expand business success

Process: 6 months of online team coaching through Ashoka

Outcome: expanded confidence to apply for and win a $1B bid for public housing in Kenya

Case Study 6

Client: an intrapreneur

Sector: facilities management

Problem: wanting a salary increase for work excellence during a raise-freeze

Process: 1-hour discussion to develop a strategy

Outcome: 35% raise and promotion within 2 weeks