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A Little Guide On Emotions

Emotions are essential in living a healthy life Emotions affect every thought and action. According to research conducted by Antonio Damasio, …

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Full Belly Leading

To be the most effective and inspiring leader possible, you can come to the table “full.” This means that you’re …


Do You Get into Street Fights or Lead from the Acropolis?

Another blog about angry people? Yes! I spend lots of time with angry people who don’t talk (directly) to their each other …


See Nasty Comments as a Lack of Skill

The legacy industrial model — the model in place today, assumes that people are objects and human capital is a …


Are You Sabotaging Yourself as a Leader?

Distinctions: you’re sabotaging yourself vs not taking the right actions to achieve your goals. How do you know you’re sabotaging …

Freepix Conflict

An Easy Way to Solve Conflict

Conflict in the workplace absorbs a lot of time and energy, yet most leaders prove unskilled in this arena. This …

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