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The US Election And Human Centric Leading

The US Election and Human-Centric Leading

Many of us are anxious about our future as Trump has been elected into office. Yet, it is the perfect …

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How to Be Free to Share Your Truth

The most free and easy way to be honest with others is to share your truth and perspective without an …


Do You Take Things Personally or Transpersonally?

Take things personally? Here’s a quick test. Do you experience some or all of these? feel anxious of being blamed feel …

Mind The Bump   Mindfulness And How The Brain Works   YouTube

The Brain and Human-Centric Leading

This video below explains how the brain works through a lens of mindfulness. It touches upon the brain’s conscious and subconscious …


Detangle Your Need to Control

There’s no blame or judgement here. Being controlling is a common experience in today’s world. Each person uses it for different …


A Little Guide On Emotions

Emotions are essential in living a healthy life Emotions affect every thought and action. According to research conducted by Antonio Damasio, …

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