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See People as People

In a post I sent out a week ago, I received feedback saying that it’s naïve to think that terrorists …

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Wo/man in the Mirror

Musical composers often tell us exactly what’s helpful to hear. I find this song particularly inspiring amidst today’s escalating systems …


Are You Undermining Your Self-Confidence Amidst a World that Needs Powerful Leaders?

Distinctions Leaders as people in position power who feel powerful because of their position power Powerful leaders as people with/without position …

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Leadership is…

Being the person you can respect. Treating others with respect. Doing something you can respect. [Image from Freepik]


Power is an Inside Job — or is that Only in Fairyland?

Power in Today’s Structures Today’s party line is that power is external and the only way to be powerful is to …

Do you help your boss treat you like an object?

An object? You treat yourself like an object when you expect to behave in a robotic way and like it. …

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