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Sister Giant

Summary of SisterGiant 2017 Conference

I was curious to attend the SisterGiant conference in DC on Feb 2nd-4th. It was led by Marianne Williamson, an action-oriented …

The US Election And Human Centric Leading

The US Election and Human-Centric Leading

Many of us are anxious about our future as Trump has been elected into office. Yet, it is the perfect …

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Want the Truth from your Staff?

Honesty is rather simple. We each have our version of the truth and we can come to understand what’s true …

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Are Your Batteries Charged?

It’s really common to feel tired, exhausted and maybe, burned out and it seems that most of us think that …

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Exercises on Power and Control

This blog is about control amidst varying contexts for leaders who want to learn to be stable amidst fast-paced change …

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See People as People

In a post I sent out a week ago, I received feedback saying that it’s naïve to think that terrorists …

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