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Beware of False Harmony

In 2010, I moved to SF after living in Paris and working in the BRICs for 10 years. Upon my return …

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Unsticky and Stretch Decisions

Decision making is fraught with challenges when made from the (incorrect) legacy industrial model assumptions. As a review, here they are: …


Distinction: Letting Go ≠ Being Indifferent

Thought leaders such as the Dalai Lama and the neuroscientists he works with remind us to “let go” in order to reduce stress, …


Flexible Integrity

It’s good to know that an internet search on the term flexible integrity doesn’t bring up much more than info on industrial hoses…yet, …


Performing Well or Working at Your Best?

There seems to be confusion about the distinction between doing one’s best and succeeding within an organizational setting. They’re not …


Lead from your Mind or Heart — Is it Either Or?

Leading can be easy or difficult — it depends on the conscious and subconscious rules you use. The same goes …

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