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Do You See People as People?

Do you see people as people? Hmmm, it might seem obvious to answer — you already see people as people, right? I’ll …

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Do you Promote Truth-Telling or Lying?

Everyone claims to tell the truth, yet many people often don’t. Psychologists/theorists have come with different reasons: people exaggerate to make themselves …

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How Would Women Lead If They Felt Safe?

When I worked in the corporate world, I heard comments such as: “Are you getting soft?” when I would suggest collaborating …

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See People as People

In a post I sent out a week ago, I received feedback saying that it’s naïve to think that terrorists …

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Do You Scare People as a Leader?

In passive celebration of Halloween or the Day of the Dead, I thought it might be fun to invite you …


What if Everything Was for Your Best?

We all use frames to live and lead, so the more inspiring the frames, the more fun and fulfilling a …

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