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Disrupt the Status Quo of Problems

This is a repost from Linked In’s Pulse: Have you heard the term cog in a wheel? Have you heard the …

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How to Avoid Being Used

The question comes up when talking about leading in a human way — how do I avoid being used? Define “Being …

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Ever Mad at a Team Member?

This blog is about a case study using triads to identify creative ways to solve a problem. The Case Jay …


Use Doubt To Empower Decision Making

What is Doubt? Doubt is basically uncertainty about one’s skills, data, the viability of business models, feasibility of technical ideas, the …

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Unsticky and Stretch Decisions

Decision making is fraught with challenges when made from the (incorrect) legacy industrial model assumptions. As a review, here they are: …


Making Clean Decisions

Decision-making can be challenging in a world where all the political, economic and social structures are crumbling and there are so many options …

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