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How Would Women Lead If They Felt Safe?

When I worked in the corporate world, I heard comments such as: “Are you getting soft?” when I would suggest collaborating …


Beware of False Harmony

In 2010, I moved to SF after living in Paris and working in the BRICs for 10 years. Upon my return …

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Clean Leading

The most reliable way to be a leader worth following is to lead cleanly. {distinctions: a leader as someone with …

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Want to Escape the Trap that Binds You?

You are bound by a set of incorrect assumptions that you probably won’t believe that you use. You can free …

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An Unusual Proposal for Syriza’s Lead Negotiators

This article is a call to action. Action to release the real negotiation blocks. In early 2015, Syriza’s Finance Minister, …


See Nasty Comments as a Lack of Skill

The legacy industrial model — the model in place today, assumes that people are objects and human capital is a …

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