Resilient Leaders in Tech


This campaign seeks to USE bullying and harassment to transform it and empower your leadership

Why do this?

To take the lead in dealing with any situation you don’t like at work instead of hoping it “goes away.” To feel safe and empowered at work. To feel totally confident and competent about facing any bullying or harassment you witness or experience from an inner sense of confidence and competence. To take the lead in designing work environments that empower you and others.

Don’t wait for anyone or anything to change so that you feel good — that’s your job.

How do this?

By expanding your resilience skills.

You’re naturally resilient, yet can tap into deeper into those skills to feel more powerful.

Bullying and harassment are nothing but reactive communication strategies that can feel like traps with no exit. In fact, they’re excellent opportunities to learn about what triggers you into feeling unable to handle unwanted experiences and turning that around.

What do you get?

You get to feel calm and stable in face of any situation. You learn to shift what happens to meet your interests in win-win form.

Through resilience workshops, you get to analyze your emotions and reframe them in ways to empower you in face of bullying or harassment — or any situation. You feel good regardless of the ways other people behave. You shift challenges from an inner sense of calm confidence to represent your interests and create a positive outcome.

When you get good at this — you’ll LOVE witnessing or experiencing bullying or harassment just for the practice in turning it around and feeling great because of it!

Join us:

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Eleni's Portrait

I’m Eleni Pallas

Why am I spearheading this campaign?

As a former global tech executive and now in leadership design, I’ve coached all sides of bullying and harassing and know that most people don’t intend to hurt others and most executives have no idea when such interactions happen on their teams. I meet men and women who feel upset, anxious and unsure of how to deal with bullying, harassment or what are called, micro-aggressions in a positive, powerful way. It doesn’t need to be this way! By using different perspectives here and adding a few new strategies there, you immediately feel better and access new ways to respond.

Let’s collaborate without blame, shame or judgement to promote an inclusive tech industry and more broadly, designing inspiring and empowering work environments.