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Self-Reliance vs Being Alone

These questions come up all the time: If I’m self-reliant, does that mean I have to figure everything out on my …

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Do You See People as People?

Do you see people as people? Hmmm, it might seem obvious to answer — you already see people as people, right? I’ll …

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How to Avoid Being Used

The question comes up when talking about leading in a human way — how do I avoid being used? Define “Being …

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Ever Mad at a Team Member?

This blog is about a case study using triads to identify creative ways to solve a problem. The Case Jay …

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Exercises on Transforming Blame

This blog is about transforming blame to nurture healthy and effective teams. It also includes exercises to facilitate how grounded you feel …

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Exercises on Power and Control

This blog is about control amidst varying contexts for leaders who want to learn to be stable amidst fast-paced change …

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