Meeting 06

Questions for Frequent Feedback

It’s useful to have a set of powerful questions that stimulate interesting conversations at work that promote clarity and understanding. …

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Disrupt the Status Quo of Problems

This is a repost from Linked In’s Pulse: Have you heard the term cog in a wheel? Have you heard the …

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Are Your Batteries Charged?

It’s really common to feel tired, exhausted and maybe, burned out and it seems that most of us think that …

Mind The Bump   Mindfulness And How The Brain Works   YouTube

The Brain and Human-Centric Leading

This video below explains how the brain works through a lens of mindfulness. It touches upon the brain’s conscious and subconscious …

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Self-Reliance vs Being Alone

These questions come up all the time: If I’m self-reliant, does that mean I have to figure everything out on my …

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Do You See People as People?

Do you see people as people? Hmmm, it might seem obvious to answer — you already see people as people, right? I’ll …

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