Are Your Batteries Charged?

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It’s really common to feel tired, exhausted and maybe, burned out and it seems that most of us think that that’s a fact of life. Is it?

What if we took care of our energy as we take care of our phones… How would life be different?

Eliminate Energy Drains

Consider staring with noticing how you drain your energy. What do you do that makes you feel bored, frustrated, anxious, vexed, exhausted? Do you have to do them? What might you tweak to create different results?

As an example: I used to hate doing my taxes, but now I look at it as a contribution to the social good (even when I know that lots of people evade taxes and make fun of people who do pay taxes; I don’t care — that’s their karma). My contribution makes me feel good.

Here are a few common ways that drain energy:

        • See people as cogs in a wheel — and yourself, as well
        • Have little or no self-trust, self-respect, self-appreciation, self-compassion
        • No sun, no nature
        • Thinking that you can “have it all” without sacrificing something like health and well-being
        • Food and drink that don’t suit you, even if they’re tasty
        • Restless sleep
        • Lack of exercise
        • Taking responsibility for the ways OTHER PEOPLE think, feel or behave
        • “Pushing through” something when frustrated
        • Self-judgement, even if you’ve been taught that that makes you a better person
        • Noticing everything that doesn’t work
        • Giving unsolicited help
        • Doing work that you dislike or has no real meaning
        • Being part of a community or workplace that’s critical, judgmental and often in blame
        • Focusing on what you DON’T have
        • No fun

Without judgement, notice how much you drain your energy without realizing it. Maybe you’ll even identify other ways your energy is drained and note that down. Stop any one of the energy drains and see what happens.

Renew Your Energy

Energy comes from all sorts of sources and you’ll find those that work for you.

Here are several ways to generate lots of energy without changing much in your life:

        • See people as people — yourself included!
        • Increase your self-trust, self-respect, self-appreciation, self-compassion
        • Sunshine & greenery
        • Realize that you can “have it all,” yet not necessarily at the same time
        • Food and drink that increases your energy
        • Restful sleep
        • Exercise that’s fun
        • Take responsibility for the ways YOU people think, feel and behave and nobody else
        • Take a break when frustrated; work when you feel good
        • Judgement-free awareness — just observe results vs judging them
        • Notice everything that DOES work and amplify that
        • Give help only to people who ask
        • Do work that you love and feels meaningful to you
        • Be part of a community or workplace that makes you feel loved, respected, appreciated
        • Focus on what you HAVE and ARE
        • Have FUN

Notice how easy it is to boost your energy and then do that more and more!

Also notice if any judgements that might come up. If that happens, with judgement-free awareness, in quire into what that judgement is telling you.

Enjoy the process and let me know how it goes!


[Image from Freepik]