Are You Undermining Your Self-Confidence Amidst a World that Needs Powerful Leaders?



    • Leaders as people in position power who feel powerful because of their position power
    • Powerful leaders as people with/without position power who feel powerful to inspire people into productive action regardless of the context

Fast Route to Self-Destruction

The fastest way to undermine yourself is to live and lead in ways that counter your personal values. At the same time, you might notice that you hold contradictory values and if that’s the case, you are likely to thwart your self-confidence and do things that weaken your power and credibility.

Need some examples? Bernie Madoff, Bernie Ebbers, Michael Milken, Steven Glass. They all claimed they were honest people, yet their behavior showed otherwise.

A couple of contradictions that might affect you more personally:

    1. You want to move toward success and away from failure. That’s a trap. The assumptions of the legacy industrial model still in place today (and still sitting in your subconscious mind socialized through the education system), vilify failure as if it’s the worst thing in the world. That’s a myth we’re all better off forgetting. If you want to succeed, you need to fail and learn from it. So, you’d need to align your values to be able to flow into success.
    2. You consider yourself ethical, but also afraid of conflict. If you avoid conflict, you essentially have to lie and therefore, undermine your integrity. What is someone asks you “who created that problem?” and you don’t want to answer? What would you say? Either you start accepting your lack of integrity or start learning how to resolve conflict in a positive way. As a matter of fact, this contradiction affects most leaders in organizational life today. If recruiters started requiring conflict resolution skills for top jobs, there would be a far more intense talent scarcity issue!

Test Yourself

Take a look at these lists of values.

Choose five you move toward and away from in life.

How do they affect your thoughts, feelings and actions?

Do any contradictions make you do things that undermine your own sense of self-trust and self-confidence?

Stay Powerful Through Your Values

Today’s world, in which all the political, economic and social systems are crumbling, the world needs leaders who can stay strong and stable amidst the chaos. This doesn’t mean strong in the sense of being a more demanding directive leader, but someone who can feel powerful even when position power is harder to find, attain and preserve. As position power and organizational systems destabilize, leaders at every strata are needed to offer insight, guidance and certainty. You can be such a leader when you feel powerful from within — through inner power.

Just in the news today, the NYSE is closed due to “technical issues,” giving us a cue that yet another structure is unstable ad possibly, on the verge of collapse. This is another reminder that we’re not in Kansas anymore. All the more reason to live by inner values and stay strong amidst chaos and change.



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