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My core interest lies in systemic change. I am encouraged by crises, system collapses and other difficulties, as I perceive them as exciting opportunities for profound growth, creativity and transformation.

During the first 20 years of my career, I worked in infrastructure sectors: mobile communications, developmental banking and strategy consulting industries, with organizations such as Orange Business Services, The World Bank, Deloitte, Booz Allen Hamilton and Fairchild Space Company. Among a variety of roles held in the US and Europe, I spent most of my time in corporate strategy and business development groups leading strategic partnership and acquisition projects in the BRICs and emerging markets. I have an MBA from the George Washington University, with honors, and BS degrees in finance, marketing and economics from the University of Maryland at College Park. I studied coaching with Coachville and completed executive education courses at the Harvard Business School, Stanford Institute of Design and John Hopkins’ School for Advanced International Studies (SAIS). I am certified with the International Coach Federation.

In 2008, I shifted from corporate to entrepreneurial life to focus on leadership and team development. I thrive on finding new ways of seeing problems, collaborating and questioning the status quo to create better strategies and solutions. After several years of perusing research, working with clients, teaching at UC Berkeley and experimenting with different approaches, I had an “Eureka!” moment. I realized that we’re all caught by a subconscious assumption about what it means to be human that’s rarely questioned — that humans are replaceable cogs in a wheel, only as good as our latest visible achievements. When we’re treated like replaceable cogs, we feel certain ways that lead to certain behaviors — and those behaviors are reactions to the feelings, not the situations at hand. So, my focus went to the emotional aspect of organizational and societal success and transformation.

I founded Leaders for Good, a leadership design boutique, naming it that way to remind me to design instead of cookie-cut and tap into what’s “good” about leaders rather than try to “fix” what’s not-so-good. My work fills a void in the existing leadership and team development industry to fuel energy toward the how of leading. Most programs focus on what leaders must do to succeed, yet what’s also needed is to learn how to self-change to feel in-control, ready to lead in new ways the very next day. Leaders for Good programs look at the thought-feeling-behavior formulas essential to lead successfully across contexts, especially useful amidst fast-paced change and uncertainty. I have become especially skilled at helping leaders remain confident and steady during growth and/or tumultuous transitions (M&As, business model changes, economic shifts), as well as transforming divisive teams into cohesive, game-changing pods. My most well-known clients include Cartier, Ashoka, UC Berkeley, Haas School of Business, SF State University, Whole Foods, George Washington University and Mercer.

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For global projects, I partner with a group of trusted, creative practitioners and researchers who are professionally masterful and personally committed to model their mastery.

As I build out the HCL Academy, the LfG container of cutting-edge modalities of leadership and team development, you will meet more and more of my colleagues who share their interesting and efficient approaches, co-contributing to an empowering emerging future.

Note: You’ll find “I,” “we,” and “us” statements on this site. Leaders for Good and human-centric leading are spearheaded by Eleni Pallas, yet supported by many people working with me directly or indirectly to get the message out on how to redesign teams, organizations and societies around what’s best for people and our highest potential.

One of the biggest things I learned while working with Eleni is to be able to see challenging work and people-oriented situations in a completely new light, turning challenges into possibilities to achieve real progress. – Devang Sachdev | RichRelevance

Eleni immediately asks the right questions to dig down and find the cause of my barriers or problems. I feel like I have a confidant who is helping me and making me better. Coaching with Eleni has been a great experience. – Daniela Papi, Founder Pepy Ride and Pepy Tours, Skoll Foundation Scholar, Unreasonable Institute Fellow

Eleni is passionate, forward-thinking, encouraging and strategic. She easily conveys the big picture, while quickly able to pivot and focus on specific cases or examples. – Participant feedback from anonymous program forms

Awesome! Eleni is very knowledgeable and engaging. Great experience and approach to leadership development. The course is thought-provoking, challenging, fun, educational. – Participant feedback from anonymous program forms

I took a course with Eleni, which was one of the best I have ever taken. She has broad, deep knowledge and first-hand experience that she applies very effectively to discussions, presentations and coaching situations. – Thomas Pettersson, Business Leader | Global Client Operations, Visa

Eleni is strong at managing a very large group of people, inviting us to think differently about our sense of control and creating a warm and safe atmosphere. – Michelle Powers, Human Capital Leader

Eleni is a great communicator, intelligent and knowledgeable. – Alkis Zoupas, Systems Engineer | Cicso